A D Horner Limited Land and Measured Building Surveyors Celebrating 25 Years

December saw a milestone in the history of A D Horner Limited with us reaching our milestone 25th anniversary. From our first land survey in Redditch back in 1990 we have now undertaken over 4500 land or measured building surveys in the last 25 years.

We still take pleasure in turning old and unloved dwellings into shiny desirable ones again, through our expertise in measured building surveys.  Whenever driving our surveyors are always keen to point out  – ‘We did that survey’ to their long suffering families !

We are big watchers of various property programmes on TV so it is always great to see a project or architect that we have worked with featured. Last night we saw Nature In Art featured on Countryfile, where  we have undertaken both measured building and land survey work. It was great to see what fantastic work they undertake.

Nature In Art - measured survey and topographic survey
Nature In Art – measured survey and topographic survey

We would like to think we have spent the last 25 years helping to make dreams come true !

Land surveys – frequently asked questions

My architect has told me I need a survey. What’s it for?

In simple terms we are map makers. We map land (land or topographic surveys – they are the same thing) and buildings. (Floor plans of the internal layout, elevations of the existing outside of buildings)

Usually if you are putting in a planning application for a new build, extension, major renovation or landscaping project you will need a measured survey.

This could be a land survey – a very detailed map which will show the position and size of existing features, such as buildings, paths, trees, boundaries and also provide information on the levels across the land.

I remember summer
I remember summer

This information is critical for planners to make informed decisions, for architects to design and for builders to build.

You cannot rely on an Ordnance Survey map for your project, they are not accurate enough, do not have sufficient level information or map the existing features adequately.



Land surveys Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and everywhere in between

Actually reviewing where we have been undertaking land surveys this month, you would need to add several more counties to this list – Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, and Derbyshire have all been working locations for our land surveyors. Typically as the weather gets wetter, windy and wild we find ourselves outside in mud-fests and semi-darkness (whatever time of day). The upside to land surveys at this time of the year is that the vegetation is dying back, so at least you can see more of the woods through the trees !

Land surveying in autumn


Land surveys Exeter

We have recently come across some of the latest graduates from The University of Exeter, which is a great local, 1 year course for those wishing to follow a land surveying career, following a degree in geography, earth science, economics or engineering. More information on careers as a land surveyor can be found on our web site.

Not always high tech
Not always high tech


Land surveys Plymouth, Exeter and South Devon

It has been a very busy spring and summer for our teams based at our South West office, with land surveys of back gardens to industrial estates and large green field sites.

Measured building survey wise we have surveyed another 2 hospital sites and managed even to send a new assistant to a hospital mortuary on his first day ! Land and measured building surveying can certainly take you to some interesting places.

Dentist School

Cotswolds Land and Measured Building Surveys

In Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire alone, over the last 25 years, we have undertaken literally hundreds of land and measured building surveys. Green field sites, brown field sites and every type of building you can think of – Oxford Colleges, schools, hospitals, retail parks, stately homes and more humble abodes. We have surveyed bus garages too, but none had such lovely buses as this recent site in the Cotswolds.

Bus Depot Depot With A Difference

Winter Land surveys in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire

The great thing about really local work is that you do not have to set the alarm clock too early to still be on site for first light in the winter months.

We have been busy undertaking lots of land and measured building surveys in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire which has been a bonus.

Thankfully lighter nights are now with us and so the time pressure has eased. Also we hope there will be less mud around ?

Land surveying in the muddy depths of winter
Land surveying in the muddy depths of winter

Land surveying in Exeter

It can be really odd how you do not undertake any work in a particular area for a while, then a whole series of unrelated surveys happens in a particular location. For us this has recently occurred in Exeter.

We have undertaken several land surveys in Exeter in the last few weeks and a couple of measured building surveys within the city limits too. Variety is definitely one of the perks of the job of a land surveyor, coupled with being able to see a bit of once waste ground turned into housing or an income generating business location once more.

Exeter Land Surveying


Land surveys in Herefordshire, with new assistant.

What happened to Jan / Feb and March ? The birds are building nests, the rabbits are multiplying and we are very busy undertaking land and measured building surveys, furthest afield this year so far and a first for us – the Isle of Wight. We have been busy in all our local haunts too, undertaking land surveys in Worcester and Gloucester and measured building surveys in Cheltenham. Our hot spots at the moment seem to be for both land and measured building surveys in Bath and Bristol.

Sometimes land surveyors are seen as messengers from the Gods, spreading doom, gloom and new construction sites. Fortunately a recent trip to a site in rural Herefordshire, to undertake a land survey, provided no upset locals and instead a very friendly assistant for the day.

How does this work ?
How does this work ?

New Year – new land surveys in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Hereford

Not that with some of the recent weather you could tell where we are. Clearly the reasons staff wear hi-vis clothing is so they can find each other on site…..

Worcester land survey



January has seen us off to a flying start with lots of local land and measured building surveys, plus the odd trip out further afield, to London and Surrey.

Our Devon office continues to grow in size and reputation, with orders received from as far away as Australia. We have been busy so far this year with land and measured building surveys in Plymouth, Exeter and our usual lovely haunts like Hope, Wembury, Salcombe and Totnes.

Still at least it’s not raining……..