A D Horner Limited, Land and Building Surveys
A D Horner Limited, Land and Building Surveys
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A D Horner Limited, Land and Building Surveys
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AD Horner in the South West of England

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A D Horner Limited are renowned for their excellence in land surveys and measured building surveys. Whether you require a land survey of a small back garden or an elevation of a listed building the same attention to detail is given to the project. The quality of our surveys and our professional approach means we have established excellent working relationships and repeat business from our existing clients. We also get recommendations from individuals who have seen or used our drawings.

We believe in working with the prospective client to formulate a sensible balanced survey specification, which will then give the client the key information needed to progress the scheme.

We include things as standard on our land survey and measured building survey drawings that other survey companies do not. e.g. that very large tree which is not on your site but is right on the boundary, overhanging the site and has light / water abstraction issues !

We use the same principles and methods for floor plan surveys whether we are measuring a small house, twenty-storey office block or stately home. The floor plans we produce will be accurate, will match the topographic survey and the elevation drawings.

Architects and other design consultants highly respect our surveys because we make their lives easy and reduce their work load.

Sadly all surveys are not of the same quality and we have several clients who we have dug ‘out of holes’ when the survey that has been commissioned has been either inadequate or downright inaccurate.

A typical measured survey fee accounts for less than 0.5 % of the development cost, but could cost you dearly if it is of a poor standard.

We do not

  • Use temporary staff or sub-contractors for measured survey works.
  • Cut corners in order to finish to estimated time schedules.
  • Do the minimum to win a contract, then charge exorbitant follow on fees for additional work.
  • Add a few spot levels to an OS map and try to pass it off as an accurate land survey.

We do

  • Ensure that the surveyor who has been to the site draws the survey.
  • Represent excellent value for money, which is why budget driven organisations like local authorities and housing associations appoint us directly.
  • Ensure that before a final survey drawing is issued a comprehensive quality check is undertaken.

If you are not yet convinced to ask us for a quotation, please view the rest of our website or contact us, we can always supply example drawings, references or just straightforward professional advice.


Midland and Wales Office: 51 Bridge Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1AL
South West Office: 1 Folly House, Venton, Devon, PL7 5DS

We are local to: Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, Oxford, Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter, South West, Bristol.
Registered office - 51 Bridge St, Pershore | Registered in Cardiff 3205378

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