Land survey quality and prices

‘I have this great price and it is £x cheaper than yours.’ That’s a comment we hear sometimes, from a client or from a consultant who has not worked with us before. There is of course a reason for this.

We also get ‘We have inherited this measured survey, but we do not trust it’ and also ‘we had a survey done, but it is lacking the detail our consultants need.’

Look at this example extract from a very small survey site.


It looks okay doesn’t it ? It’s a land survey of a bit of garden with a stream along one side.

It shows the trees, but no detail like height or species. It has a few levels, but no contours. Descriptive text is always very useful, as often consultants work on projects, without ever attending site.

Did you realise that the blue shape was a stream ? Can you guess which way it flows ?

Is that a pristine paddock in front of the stables ? Is it level across it ?

Are the stables single storey / flat roof ? What about the gate and hardstanding areas by the stables?

Are there any neighbouring buildings that the planners might need to see in context ? What height are they at ?

Planners like information. They cannot throw out your application and say ‘how will this fit in with what is next door ?’ Or if you are replacing a building ‘how will this compare with the volume of the existing building ?’ as all the information is already there.

This saves you delays and hopefully money. Your architects spend less time visiting the site and adding information to it, they spend less time trying to work out what is actually there because we believe in labeling our drawings.  Send the drawings to a builder and they have more information to work with, again there are cost savings.

This is what a comprehensive site survey of the same area looks like. All our surveys contain this much detail as standard (unless for some specific reason you tell us otherwise.)


Our survey of the same site, but with all the detail. It’s a bit like buying a car with just three wheels. You might get there but…