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Land Surveying on Dartmoor

When the weather is good it’s glorious and when the weather is poor you can’t see anything. Add to that the noise from the lions roaring at the Dartmoor Zoological Park in the mist and it could almost be ‘Hound of The Baskervilles’.  Keen to try out one of our latest Topcon Total Survey Stations, the surveying team decided to see if they could get an infra-red remote reading back from Sheepstor, and much to their surprise they did, despite the fact that it was 1019 metres away. We use this technology to gather information on buildings / structures / features which we cannot easily reach with the prism pole – for example building elevations and heights of neighbouring properties. Weather conditions and the material which the infra-red beam is bouncing back off can sometimes cause problems, but otherwise it is a great tool which all of our total stations have.

Just The Weather For A Land Survey

The weather in the South Hams area of Devon this week has been fairly grim for November, so given that it is August it has been dire. Land surveyors are by definition a hardy bunch, but there are always so many days a year that are wet knicker days, you probably get the idea ! When your second pair of socks are soaked by 10am then you are not going to make it through the day. We always try to avoid the worst of the weather conditions and like all land surveyors are avid weather forecast watchers. Not only do the surveyors get wet, the surveying gets slowed down, optical equipment steams up and at worst water enters a very expensive piece of electronic circuit board and a large repair invoice follows.

The South West Land Surveying office is in the National Park, but even so Dartmoor was not visible at all today and those land surveyors who were able to undertake drawing work were very happy !