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Devon Land and Measured Building Surveys

Our Devon office continues to grow it’s reputation, as providers of the best measured surveys in the area. We continually hear complaints about the general quality of survey work produced by some of our competitors.

So what have our Devon based teams been up to recently ?

Hotel floor plan survey

We have been busy measuring floor plans for two large hotel projects in Cornwall, elevations and floor plans on the Hoe :-



Lovely elevations of this property on The Hoe Plymouth 

We have also completed many smaller projects too, including land surveys throughout Plymouth, Exeter and the South Hams area. We’ve measured boathouses in Salcombe and barns in Yelverton and all sorts of houses and cottages in between.

For more examples and information on the difference we can make to your project, see our main website www.adhorner.co.uk


New Year – new land surveys in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Hereford

Not that with some of the recent weather you could tell where we are. Clearly the reasons staff wear hi-vis clothing is so they can find each other on site…..

Worcester land survey



January has seen us off to a flying start with lots of local land and measured building surveys, plus the odd trip out further afield, to London and Surrey.

Our Devon office continues to grow in size and reputation, with orders received from as far away as Australia. We have been busy so far this year with land and measured building surveys in Plymouth, Exeter and our usual lovely haunts like Hope, Wembury, Salcombe and Totnes.

Still at least it’s not raining……..


Land Surveys, Birmingham, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and beyond

I have just done a quick tot up of the land and measured building surveys that we have completed in September.

7 in Birmingham

2 in Oxfordshire

1 in Suffolk

5 in Worcestershire

5 in Gloucestershire

5 in Devon

2 in Cornwall

1 in Gwent

1 in Shropshire

2 in London

One of the best bits of the role of the surveyor is to get out and meet people (and sometimes get bitten by their horses !)

Land Surveying on Dartmoor

When the weather is good it’s glorious and when the weather is poor you can’t see anything. Add to that the noise from the lions roaring at the Dartmoor Zoological Park in the mist and it could almost be ‘Hound of The Baskervilles’.  Keen to try out one of our latest Topcon Total Survey Stations, the surveying team decided to see if they could get an infra-red remote reading back from Sheepstor, and much to their surprise they did, despite the fact that it was 1019 metres away. We use this technology to gather information on buildings / structures / features which we cannot easily reach with the prism pole – for example building elevations and heights of neighbouring properties. Weather conditions and the material which the infra-red beam is bouncing back off can sometimes cause problems, but otherwise it is a great tool which all of our total stations have.

Land Surveys Birmingham Barnstaple and Beyond

First post of the New Year and we are already nearly out of January, which has been a very busy month with lots of new orders and enquiries, hopefully a sign of increased market activity for all. Pre Christmas land surveying became more difficult because of the snow, but thankfully we were able to push on with measured building survey work, at least this can be carried out as long as you can get to site !

Land Surveying in Somerset Snow

January has seen us busy undertaking land and measured building surveys in Devon, Cornwall, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, the West Midlands, Oxfordshire and central London – all our usual patch.

Just The Weather For A Land Survey

The weather in the South Hams area of Devon this week has been fairly grim for November, so given that it is August it has been dire. Land surveyors are by definition a hardy bunch, but there are always so many days a year that are wet knicker days, you probably get the idea ! When your second pair of socks are soaked by 10am then you are not going to make it through the day. We always try to avoid the worst of the weather conditions and like all land surveyors are avid weather forecast watchers. Not only do the surveyors get wet, the surveying gets slowed down, optical equipment steams up and at worst water enters a very expensive piece of electronic circuit board and a large repair invoice follows.

The South West Land Surveying office is in the National Park, but even so Dartmoor was not visible at all today and those land surveyors who were able to undertake drawing work were very happy !

Why might we be tempted to change to using your company?

A potential Devon client asked me this today. It is a very good question. Here goes;

* we care passionately about what we do

* we save you time by collecting all the information you need.

An architect who we have worked with for many years said his client insisted on getting three prices for a recent survey. We were the middle price and the client appointed the cheapest. The architect said it was the worst survey that he had ever worked on. He had to return to site and spent a day adding information, for which he billed the client. The client ended up paying more than he would have, if he had appointed us in the first place.

* we add value for you and your clients e.g that large tree next to the site we are surveying – if we can we’ll include it on our survey.

* increasingly we have found that competitors have surveyors who undertake the site work and then pass the digital data to a CAD team. This reduces their costs. It also means that there is a much bigger chance of errors, as drawing a survey can be a little like joining the dots – if you have not measured the points yourself how do you know which dots to join ?

*we do not use contract staff – all our staff are permanent and most have been with us for many years, so you can be sure of the quality of every land or measured building survey.

*we are big enough to be able to cope with even the largest projects, so we can put multiple teams onto a survey if your timescale calls for it.

*we believe in talking to our clients to establish ongoing relationships, so we can learn how each other works. If we think you are wasting your / the clients money we’ll tell you and offer advice.

*because you can be confident that if you need a copy of the survey in five years time we’ll still have it and will supply it FOC for the original client

*because you can draw on our experience in over 3000 land and measured building surveys – it is not very often we encounter a site or a situation that we have not faced before

*before a final survey is issued we always carry out our own in-house quality checks, so you can be confident that what you requested will be what you will receive

We hope we convinced the potential client – they asked for some example drawings and we hope and expect them to be impressed. We think the answer to the question is really all about you

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