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Devon Land and Measured Building Surveys

Our Devon office continues to grow it’s reputation, as providers of the best measured surveys in the area. We continually hear complaints about the general quality of survey work produced by some of our competitors.

So what have our Devon based teams been up to recently ?

Hotel floor plan survey

We have been busy measuring floor plans for two large hotel projects in Cornwall, elevations and floor plans on the Hoe :-



Lovely elevations of this property on The Hoe Plymouth 

We have also completed many smaller projects too, including land surveys throughout Plymouth, Exeter and the South Hams area. We’ve measured boathouses in Salcombe and barns in Yelverton and all sorts of houses and cottages in between.

For more examples and information on the difference we can make to your project, see our main website www.adhorner.co.uk


Land Surveys In Birmingham

We seem to have been busy undertaking land and measured building surveys around Birmingham for the last few weeks, as well as Henley, London, The Forest of Dean, Somerset and as ever Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Devon.

We have recently completed a land survey and outline / street scene elevation survey for a client in Birmingham. The elevation drawings are accurate, but with little detail, so no pipes for instance or window detail. Often this type of elevation survey is used by planners to gain information on surrounding building to the development site itself, it can also be used for lights of right calculations.

Land Surveyors in Birmingham

From our Worcestershire offices we work throughout the West Midlands and Birmingham undertaking all types of land surveys and measured building surveys, from grotty bits of wasteland to smart houses in the suburbs. One thing that caught our eye recently was the possible high speed rail link from London to Birmingham which might use the lovely Curzon Street Station building again, which we undertook a land survey and measured building survey of some years ago.

This building has a Grade I listing, but was sadly only used as a railway station for a short period. One of the big perks of the job of the land surveyor is knowing that in some small way you have played a role in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and helped to put them back into a useful role.

Elevation of Curzon Street Station

Street Scene Elevations

Some of our land and measured building surveyors have spent a fair bit of time in London in the last few months undertaking floor plan and elevation surveys of properties for several different clients. Occasionally the local authorities will request street scene elevations as well as floor plans and elevations of the property which is subject to a planning application.

Street scene elevations require that elevations are drawn as they would be from the pavement outside the property – this will require the land survey to include the fronting hedges / trees and that these are then drawn on the elevations to show how they currently obscure the view of the property, so that the impact of changes can be assessed.

Street scene elevations typically include adjacent properties to the site, but may include a whole row of properties, especially if the site is in a conservation area. We do not need the co-operation / access into adjacent properties as we gather information remotely using specialist photogrammetric software and the latest total survey instruments. Sometimes of course all that might be visible is a high hedge and chimney pot!

Our street scene  elevation and land surveys are also sometimes used to assist with ‘rights of light’ type calculations, by planners and planning authorities.

Land Survey, Floor Plans and Elevations, Lincoln College, Oxford

We have just added Lincoln College to our portfolio of Oxford Colleges where we have undertaken measured survey work.  The College of the Blessed Mary and All Saints, Lincoln is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford and was founded in 1427.

Narrow staircases, small rooms and interesting angles made for a more interesting floor plan survey than many sites we are involved in.

Railway Topographic Surveys

We have been busy with land surveys at a couple of our favourite preserved railways recently. As the start of the summer season loomed closer both railways required engineering works to be undertaken and prior to this being carried out we were asked to provide topographic survey information at both and also some bridge / viaduct precise monitoring (deformation) and elevation surveys. We used a range of equipment on these surveys including GPS and traditional total stations.