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Land surveying devon

Quite often clients change architects, or put a project on hold for a while. This means we frequently have requests to send copies of the CAD drawings back to clients, or to their new consultants. Whether it is a land survey, a floor plan or elevation survey, we still archive everything, just in case.

It’s not that often though that we are asked to send copies of a survey that we did 20 years ago…..as funding had finally been found.

Not too many changes have been made to this 200 year old church

The clients only had paper plots, the new architects doubted that the surveyors would even exist anymore…..and to brace themselves for paying for another full survey to be undertaken.

It took a little finding, but pleased to report we were able to assist and send the new architects copies of the survey we did in 1999.

Who knows where the next 20 years may take us, but we will still have you covered. Just in case.

South West land surveys

Time moves on, surveying equipment changes, software updates.

It is now over 10 years since we established our dedicated South West office. In that time we have expanded our South West office and now have a band of loyal customers and highly skilled team of surveyors and assistants, working on land and measured building surveys in Plymouth, Exeter and everywhere between and beyond!

Land surveying in the South Hams

There is definitely a different pace to life down here and we have noticed that sometimes it can be hard to open doors, but once we do and a client samples our surveys, they realise what they have been missing.

So if you are looking for a surveying professional for your land or measured building survey project, whether it is for a small garden or a massive hotel, we are the team to trust.

Land surveys Plymouth, Exeter and South Devon

It has been a very busy spring and summer for our teams based at our South West office, with land surveys of back gardens to industrial estates and large green field sites.

Measured building survey wise we have surveyed another 2 hospital sites and managed even to send a new assistant to a hospital mortuary on his first day ! Land and measured building surveying can certainly take you to some interesting places.

Dentist School

Land surveying in Exeter

It can be really odd how you do not undertake any work in a particular area for a while, then a whole series of unrelated surveys happens in a particular location. For us this has recently occurred in Exeter.

We have undertaken several land surveys in Exeter in the last few weeks and a couple of measured building surveys within the city limits too. Variety is definitely one of the perks of the job of a land surveyor, coupled with being able to see a bit of once waste ground turned into housing or an income generating business location once more.

Exeter Land Surveying


Land surveyors in Exeter – deep in the plant room

The whole purpose of this blog is to try to give a flavour of some of the projects and places our land surveyors and measured building surveyors get to measure. Often our surveys are used by a range of other professionals like civil engineers, architects, mechanical and electrical surveyors who have an accurate base plan onto which they can record their data. Such was the case with this plant room,  that we measured as part of a larger floor plan and elevation survey of a retail site in Exeter.

I can't see any plants