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Land surveying devon

Quite often clients change architects, or put a project on hold for a while. This means we frequently have requests to send copies of the CAD drawings back to clients, or to their new consultants. Whether it is a land survey, a floor plan or elevation survey, we still archive everything, just in case.

It’s not that often though that we are asked to send copies of a survey that we did 20 years ago…..as funding had finally been found.

Not too many changes have been made to this 200 year old church

The clients only had paper plots, the new architects doubted that the surveyors would even exist anymore…..and to brace themselves for paying for another full survey to be undertaken.

It took a little finding, but pleased to report we were able to assist and send the new architects copies of the survey we did in 1999.

Who knows where the next 20 years may take us, but we will still have you covered. Just in case.