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Land Surveyors In Bath

A D Horner undertake lots of land and measured building surveys in Bristol and Bath but not all can provide  such a  memorable week for two of our land surveying teams to be on site at the American Museum In Britain,  which just happens to be located in a beautiful setting just outside  Bath. This wonderful museum is the only  museum of  Americana outside of the United States. It has been very fitting to be present with all the  excitement of the  Presidential elections in the background. Truly a moment of history in the making – and the land surveying is  pretty awesome too. We have been delighted to work with the Museum on previous projects, this time we are working with their American Landscape Architect to help redesign some of the existing landscaping.

Just The Weather For A Land Survey

The weather in the South Hams area of Devon this week has been fairly grim for November, so given that it is August it has been dire. Land surveyors are by definition a hardy bunch, but there are always so many days a year that are wet knicker days, you probably get the idea ! When your second pair of socks are soaked by 10am then you are not going to make it through the day. We always try to avoid the worst of the weather conditions and like all land surveyors are avid weather forecast watchers. Not only do the surveyors get wet, the surveying gets slowed down, optical equipment steams up and at worst water enters a very expensive piece of electronic circuit board and a large repair invoice follows.

The South West Land Surveying office is in the National Park, but even so Dartmoor was not visible at all today and those land surveyors who were able to undertake drawing work were very happy !

Railway Topographic Surveys

We have been busy with land surveys at a couple of our favourite preserved railways recently. As the start of the summer season loomed closer both railways required engineering works to be undertaken and prior to this being carried out we were asked to provide topographic survey information at both and also some bridge / viaduct precise monitoring (deformation) and elevation surveys. We used a range of equipment on these surveys including GPS and traditional total stations.