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Winter Land surveys in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire

The great thing about really local work is that you do not have to set the alarm clock too early to still be on site for first light in the winter months.

We have been busy undertaking lots of land and measured building surveys in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire which has been a bonus.

Thankfully lighter nights are now with us and so the time pressure has eased. Also we hope there will be less mud around ?

Land surveying in the muddy depths of winter
Land surveying in the muddy depths of winter

Birmingham Measured Building Survey – in the loft

We have been very busy in Birmingham and the West Midlands in the last few weeks, including a measured building survey which required a detailed survey of the loft area. No fun if you are over 6 foot tall.

Of course you can only put a survey instrument (total station) in a loft space if there is a stable base on which to set up on and even then you have to be very careful moving around so that the total station does not go off level.

Land Surveys In Birmingham

We seem to have been busy undertaking land and measured building surveys around Birmingham for the last few weeks, as well as Henley, London, The Forest of Dean, Somerset and as ever Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Devon.

We have recently completed a land survey and outline / street scene elevation survey for a client in Birmingham. The elevation drawings are accurate, but with little detail, so no pipes for instance or window detail. Often this type of elevation survey is used by planners to gain information on surrounding building to the development site itself, it can also be used for lights of right calculations.

Railway Topographic Surveys

We have been busy with land surveys at a couple of our favourite preserved railways recently. As the start of the summer season loomed closer both railways required engineering works to be undertaken and prior to this being carried out we were asked to provide topographic survey information at both and also some bridge / viaduct precise monitoring (deformation) and elevation surveys. We used a range of equipment on these surveys including GPS and traditional total stations.

Hotel Floor Plan Survey

We have just finished a floor plan survey of a small family run hotel in the West Midlands for a local architect. Hotels are always interesting to measure and often provide challenges in gaining access to bedrooms and conference facilities. Land surveyors always need plenty of pragmatic flexibility ! Where possible we set up a survey instrument in rooms / corridors to fix as many features as possible, to ensure a high degree of accuracy.