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A D Horner Limited, Land and Building Surveys
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A D Horner Limited, Land and Building Surveys
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Land Surveys

Land surveys produced by A D Horner Limited are extremely easy to use, accurate and comprehensive. We can measure as many or as few features as required, dependent on the purpose of the survey and the client’s budget.

We will recommend a scale based on our professional expertise, typically 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500. We will also ask lots of questions and advise on the practicalities of undertaking the land survey, e.g. access problems.

Our experience ranges from topographic surveys of gardens, town centre developments, woodlands, parks, car parks, stately homes, watercourses, railways, highways / motorways and anything else that can geographically exist!

Use of the latest reflectorless technology allows for the measurement of ridge / eave heights, neighbouring building positions and many other inaccessible features e.g. railway lines, levels on highways without traffic management.

GPS is another tool which A D Horner Limited has at its disposal, allowing easy connection to the OS National Grid, if required. On large open sites being able to utilise GPS and robotic one-person technology can mean cost savings over traditional two-person survey methods.

For most clients a 2D or 3D .dwg / .dxf (AutoCAD) compatible drawing is required, but we can also produce output for use with Vectorworks, Microstation, MX (formerly MOSS), HECRAS, LSS and for ground modelling systems the triangulation data. Sectional data, station sketches and photographs, tree tagging are all possible options. For clients using Revit software we can supply .xyz files for direct import.

Land survey drawings that are output in AutoCAD have a layering system that is very easy to read and manipulate. Plots are produced in colour on either paper or film.

Several developers and public sector agencies use us exclusively for production of topographic surveys, because they require a survey of a defined area to an agreed standard, with no fuss and no hassles!

If you require a quotation for a topographic survey email or post to us a copy of a plan with the area you require surveying marked on, together with any specific requests. We will contact you to discuss anything we are unclear about and provide a fixed price quotation, in writing with a detailed brief explaining exactly what we will measure.

The following examples should give a taste of the range of high quality topographic surveys A D Horner Limited undertakes. These represent a few hours on site to several weeks, with specifications varying according to the client's requirements:

Example 1 - Severn Valley Railway »
Example 2 - A Detailed Garden Survey »
Example 3 - Industrial Estate Land Survey, Exeter »
Example 4 - Oxford City Centre Redevelopment »
Example 5 - Pre-Fab Housing Estate, Bristol »
Example 6 - Typical Garden Land Survey, Cotswolds »
Example 7 - Land Survey of Highway, Oxfordshire »


Midland and Wales Office: 51 Bridge Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1AL
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We are local to: Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, Oxford, Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter, South West, Bristol.
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